Useless Worship Guidelines on Combating COVID19

Once again the PF leadership under ECL, has been exposed. No vision, no leadership, no punch and certainly misleading the masses.

Statistics show that Zambia has not yet reached the peak flat part of the curve in raising cases of COVID19 to warrant the relaxation of measures. The cases being announced by his own minister are still on the raise, however, ECL is relaxing the already weak measures as proved by Bowman. This contradiction in position and way forward is catastrophic.

However, Lungu saw it fit to proceed further, to loosen the already slack measures on fighting the Corona virus in Zambia. If this, is not seen as further proof to many, as lack of vision by ECL, then Zambia is doomed.

How can churches open and fellowship fully while the infections in the nation are on the raise? Observing strict restrictions on COVID19 spread is still cardinal.

How do congregants worship fully in Holy Communion? How do they sing praises while masked up? How do they preach in church honestly with masks on? This PF leadership is misdirecting the citizenry.

Further allowing the Barbershops and Saloons, whose functionality circumvents all formats of social distancing is just suicidal. It is incredible to realize that people have to secure themselves without depending on a lost and visionless leadership. Even common sense has eluded ECL now.

Sadly, when addressing the nation, ECL’s very own mask was off his very own mouth, potentially spreading infections and or giving a bad example of how masks should be employed.

It would have made sense, to just prescribe more combative measures over and above what is has prevailed in the last two weeks, but this government is circumnavigating its responsibilities carelessly.

Cry mother Zambia.

One Comment on “Useless Worship Guidelines on Combating COVID19”

  1. ZambianWatchdog
    May 9, 2020 at 4:31 pm #

    M as gj lm me mm my mom. M ml ml ml mno Ineed n me o me ln


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