Who will save Zambia?

By Linda Kasonde  I grew up in Zambia in the 1980s and 1990s. I am old enough to remember some of what it was like to live under authoritarian one-party rule in Zambia. I remember that people felt afraid of speaking openly and frankly over the phone. I remember stories of people dying under mysterious circumstances. […]

Tutwa Ngulube is now a Proven Fool

By a Concerned Citizen over Mediocrity It is with deep regret that we have to finally release all the brakes and hold back we had on Tutwa Ngulube. State Counsel Sangwa what happened, how did that chap manage to even get a law degree? The dullness of Tutwa Ngulube supersedes that of Bowman Lusambo. While […]

Zambia approaching a debt point of no return under PF.

Public finances head south while the Patriotic Front clamps down on dissent ahead of next year’s election. The ruling Patriotic Front’s continued state of denial about the country’s dire debt situation sees the year begin with loan defaults, dwindling state revenues, disintegrating public services and unpaid civil service salaries. The government’s failure to make a […]

Chimanse Colluding With PF to Stage Rigging.

Madam Margaret Chimanse has been seen trotting around together with some special forces between her office and a special branch base unit in Lusaka West. What is Margaret doing with soldiers and special branch if they are not into some election rigging schemes? There is no reason why the working schedules among the three units […]

The PF Crop of Rotten leaders Must Just GO

The current PF crop of rotten leaders has proved a disaster for Zambia in every way possible. Dora Siliya, for example, does not qualify to be a champion on issues of Governance. Dora Siliya is the lead bitch in all this mess. She continuously insulted late Michael Chilufya Sata daily in the run up to […]

When a Clown Leads a Nation.

This is what happens when a clown leads a Nation. He simply dances on podiums and performs as a clown would do while the nation’s economy sours. Without an ounce of shame Lungu dances boastfully with the Kwacha at K15 per US$1.0. This is a typical case of a clueless selfish dictator who concentrates more […]

PF Must Just Go – Next Year

By Harry Chongo – Freelance Journalist The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu is busy preparing for the 2021 general elections at the expense of currently governing the country with a free falling economic crisis. However, ECL the (SED) is glued to the 2021 elections target. Lungu the SED, has invested not less than […]

How is a presidential salary reduced in Zambia?

In the same way it is increased, through legislation. A president’s salary in Zambia isn’t increased or reduced through  pronouncements, but through legislation. When President Lungu says he’s reduced his salary, the next question is, where is the legislation to go with that? No wonder he is now backtracking with the voluntary garbage. Besides that, […]

Recall of US envoy Foote over PF kleptomani.

Just to clarify things, ambassador Daniel Foote’s exit may be a small victory to those who peddle illegality and lawlessness under the guise of new age false religious fundamentalism; but the majority of ordinary Zambians may have a huge price to pay because for the Patriotic Front (PF), this was never a question of our […]

200% Electricity Tariff increase is Insane

Editor’s Choice It is absolutely insane to increase electricity tariffs by 200%. This is the worst tariff increase Zambians have ever experienced since the establishmant of the Zambian Government. The pro poor PF is not living to its manifesto, it cannot take such an action and still claim to be true pro poor PF. It […]

How UPND Secrets find their Way to PF

This was first published on December 8, 2019 Why is one woman always at the centre? This is the same woman who was in the company of Keith Mukata opened fire on an innocent citizen and killed him, and signing off freedom to Kabwe. You will agree with us that UPND is Leaking Information to […]

Some senior UPND officials are betraying HH

Letter: December 23, 2019  Dear Editor, Please help me to expose some elements within the UPND who are betraying HH and the party. This is reliable information. The Patriotic Front using its special operations division has bought a number of UPND officials. These officials have been used to cause confusion and leak information to the […]

Loot Master Where are the 258,000 dollars each ambulances ??

Chilufya is Too Dull To Think Through Stuff

Isaac Phiri writes In a country which is now rated one of the hungriest and one of the most corrupt in the world and in a state where basic medicines are missing from Hospitals within the country we have an ignorant juniour General Practioner reigning at the sophiscated ministry of healthy. This Minister is not […]

Lungu Seeks to Shut Down CEC.

Clear shots have been fired towards the desire to close the Copperbelt Energy Company (CEC). The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu is seeking to have CEC shut down further compounding the already embattled energy sector as regards load shedding and financially strained ZESCO Ltd. status in Zambia. Lungu’s selfish instincts kicked in tandem […]

From Mukula Cartel to Marijuana Cartel

By Mainda Simataa I’m sure every Zambian has learned the hard way by now (from the Mukula scandal) never to believe anything the PF government tells them, no matter how progressive it looks on the surface, because underneath every policy-decision, lies an overriding secret profit motive to enrich the PF and specificlly a group withi […]

PF hate speech and Tribalism.

By Charles Malawo Kambole The PF and its politicians have for sometime used tribalism to create fear and mistrust among Zambians as a means of divecrting people’s attention from the real issues of providing jobs and means of livelihood. The  PF has sadly promoted and encouraged ethnic hate speech among Zambians. Many Zambians have been […]

The Criminalization of the Zambian state: The PF regime as a mafia organisation with President Lungu as its Don.

By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba President Edgar Lungu is due to defend his administration’s record at the polls in 2021. No doubt his record is that of grand corruption, tolerance of petty corruption, wanton parceling of natural resources, instrumentalization of disorder and breakdown in the rule of law. Since assuming power in January 2015, he […]

Lungu is a thief!

By Sarah Imutowana Yeta II In 2010, Lungu had his law practicing licence suspended by the Law Association of Zambia. The question is why?  Well, he was found guilty of professional misconduct after stealing close to K37, 000.00 from a Ms Wendy Kanyanta. This horrendous act of treachery and criminal behaviour is the clearest representation […]

What Bill 10 is really about.

#BILL 10 A good number of citizens have expressed concern that the debate around the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 has stayed among a few who are able to interpret the legal jargon, leaving the rest of the population behind. We agree that many people including some members of parliament who will deliberate […]


PF+ E C L= Fuel k15,98 per Litre of petrolfrom below K10.00 PF+ E C L= Diesel K14.23 per Itr of DIESEL from about k7.OO PF. + ECL=Bole hole tax introduction PF +ECL= Heath lnsurance introduction PF+ E CL= Toll Gate fees Introduction PF +ECL= K 152 per25kg Bag of mealie Meal from k37.00 PF+ […]

What is Needed is Leadership not Fake Humbleness

Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has always pushed ahead the humbleness card some useless clergy lot lamped on him. But Lungu has fake humbleness. Lungu is not humble. Lungu is a cruel man. He has isolated many people based on tribe. He has had several personalities jailed just because they offer better alternatives. What […]

Lets stop the stupid hypocracy.

By Lusenga Mulongoti When millions of dollars are stolen through corruption in inflated contracts and pure embezzlement by Government ministers and officials nothing is done apart from cosmetic prosecutions which end up in ‘acquittals’. People are dying unnecessarily due to lack of medicine and medical equipment in our hospitals, people are sleeping on empty stomachs […]

PF Defrauding Citizens

$35 Million Bayport Fraud Deducting loan repayment amounts from civil servants’ salaries yet NOT remitting these monies to the lawful owners – Bayport. As a result, thousands of civil servants have defaulted on their loans, with their credit reputations laying in ruins. This is affecting their ability to access future finance, with many having had […]

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