Talks Talks Talks – HH & LUNGU

Editor’s choice The vigorous and determined attempt by the PF to hold the UPND hostage to what’s becoming theoretical and comical stage managed peace talks, has laid bare the ruling party’s evil agenda. The Imperial Japanese army successfully used the same method in the 2nd World war against the American South Pacific Naval Base of […]

Dictators Attract – Erdogan to Lungu !!

Dictator Edward Chagwa Lungu has hosted his fellow good for nothing dictator and self-made president of Turkey Recep Erdogan into our beautiful country to get more illicit monies. These Turks are the same crooks that sold power to Zambia from some ships in the indian ocean at a ridiculous price per unit leaving ZESCO Limited […]

Zambia Under Worst Governance Ever-ECL

The current PF led government has seen the worst statistics Zambia has even experienced since independence. The overall performance results of the PF led government cannot therefore be expected to be any different from poorest statics Zambia has ever experienced as a nation. The obvious deduction reflects the most uncoordinated and most unfocused regime Zambia […]

Party Conventions

It is now constitutional in Zambia, that all political parties hold Democratic Elections within their parties prior to participating in any national general election. The UPND must hold their National Congress as they term it, the PF must hold their convention and all other political parties must do the same. It is no longer an […]

What Bill 10 Will Bring

Bill 10 shall bring systematic oppression, more corruption, continuation of human rights abuses, looting and destruction of the national and natural resources and generally total degradation of the livelihoods among Zambians. We urge the opposition and the well meaning PF MPs to stand by the Zambian people and stop this Given Lubinda and ECL Bill […]

Day of National Prayers a Mockery – ECL

The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu, declared the 18th day of October as the day for National Prayers for all Zambians. The Snake Eating Humble Leader, alongside with several other fake Zambian Bishops, Reverands and Pastors together hoodwinked Zambians into national prayers as they facilitated the raping and looting of the Zambian national […]

Zambia is Becoming a Police State

The PF led government is slowly turning Zambia into a Police State. The government is arming the police mobile units to the teeth as though Zambia had an internal war. The 2020 national budget outlay indicates that, of the available 10% allocation for all ministries, a substantial portion of the national budget is directed towards […]

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