Talks Talks Talks – HH & LUNGU

Editor’s choice The vigorous and determined attempt by the PF to hold the UPND hostage to what’s becoming theoretical and comical stage managed peace talks, has laid bare the ruling party’s evil agenda. The Imperial Japanese army successfully used the same method in the 2nd World war against the American South Pacific Naval Base of […]

Dictators Attract – Erdogan to Lungu !!

Dictator Edward Chagwa Lungu has hosted his fellow good for nothing dictator and self-made president of Turkey Recep Erdogan into our beautiful country to get more illicit monies. These Turks are the same crooks that sold power to Zambia from some ships in the indian ocean at a ridiculous price per unit leaving ZESCO Limited […]

Zambia Under Worst Governance Ever-ECL

The current PF led government has seen the worst statistics Zambia has even experienced since independence. The overall performance results of the PF led government cannot therefore be expected to be any different from poorest statics Zambia has ever experienced as a nation. The obvious deduction reflects the most uncoordinated and most unfocused regime Zambia […]

Sunday Chanda Naivety Exposed

By Chilu Mwenda, Kabwe, Zambia. I have been closely following Sunday Chanda’s hateful and disdainful write-ups and have arrived at several conclusions. Initially I and my colleagues were swayed to believe that the gentleman man had a heart for Zambia by ensuring his party delivered on the promises they made to the Zambian people, but were […]

GBM continues  abusive language on HH, vows to dismantle him in southern province.

By David Zulu  02/05/19 Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has heightened his smear campaign against Hakainde Hichilema in the most derogatory,  uncultured manner and in what some shocked Zambians are viewing as the most vicious and disdainful  crusade ever undertaken by a political opponent on another, in Zambia’s recent history. Mwamba has used […]

UPND Katuba MP dies 

Katuba Member of Parliament, Patricia Mwashingwele has died. According to reports Mwashingwele died in the early hours of this morning. Keembe Member of Parliament Princess Kasune posted on her facebook a while ago. She was discharged from UTH on monday but advised to go to river side in kafue that is where she was until last […]

HH means well for Zambia.

By Koswe. This is what UPND media is failing let’s help the fools. HH’s  ranches are giving him and his family billions of dollars on a daily basis. Besides ranches, HH has multimillion dollar businesses accross the world and he does not need your votes so that he can get in and steal or survive […]

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