Theiving Zesco MD Builds a Church in Kafue !

The embattled Victor Mundende has built a church in kafue. Sources state that the Seventh Day Adventist Church has benefitted from the insurmountable proceeds of corruption through Mr Victor Mundende who is the current ZESCO Managing Director. It’s amazing that almost single-handedly Mundende engaged  some chinese contractors to construct a magnificent church in kafue, in hope […]

Talks Talks Talks – HH & LUNGU

Editor’s choice The vigorous and determined attempt by the PF to hold the UPND hostage to what’s becoming theoretical and comical stage managed peace talks, has laid bare the ruling party’s evil agenda. The Imperial Japanese army successfully used the same method in the 2nd World war against the American South Pacific Naval Base of […]

Dictators Attract – Erdogan to Lungu !!

Dictator Edward Chagwa Lungu has hosted his fellow good for nothing dictator and self-made president of Turkey Recep Erdogan into our beautiful country to get more illicit monies. These Turks are the same crooks that sold power to Zambia from some ships in the indian ocean at a ridiculous price per unit leaving ZESCO Limited […]

Zambia Under Worst Governance Ever-ECL

The current PF led government has seen the worst statistics Zambia has even experienced since independence. The overall performance results of the PF led government cannot therefore be expected to be any different from poorest statics Zambia has ever experienced as a nation. The obvious deduction reflects the most uncoordinated and most unfocused regime Zambia […]

Supremacy of the Party prevails as Lusaka mayor is ordered to lift ban on street vending, PF blames UPND.

After a backlash from Lusaka street vendors in typical  ‘people power’ style, PF has been gripped with fear and has flip flopped its street vending non tolerance policy, that saw President Edgar Lungu order the army to drive out the business off the streets of Lusaka last year. PF Secretary General Davis Mwila yesterday ordered […]

Lying, Looting PF Government

The recent fuel pump price reduction must not be confused with goodwill or economic growth by the PF government. The PF government is good at misleading and confusing  ordinary people for political expediency. They reduce the fuel pump price with a small margin on one hand and shall later slap citizens with a much higher […]

Dictator Lungu annoyed with Sesheke loss, Orders for Opposition Brutality in Bahati and Roan by-elections – OP

Dictator Edgar Lungu today held a special meeting with his cabinet ministers and PF strategists at State House which lasted for over 10 hours. Among the issues under discussion was the PF embarrassing loss of Sesheke parliamentary by-election to the opposition UPND, a source has revealed. Lungu who could not hold his anger stated that […]

Nawakwi accuses opposition alliance of ambitions to unseat Lungu in 2021 and trashes the dialogue process launched by the Church.

President of the opposition FDD Party Edith Nawakwi has accused the opposition alliance of wanting to use the Church led dialogue as a vehicle to regime change in the 2021 Presidential elections. The FDD President was speaking at a hastily arranged press conference at theTaj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka yesterday. She was flanked by Rainbow […]

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