Ministry of health recruits ghost workers

Reliable sources at the Ministry of Health  have disclosed to us how Dr Chitalu Chilufya is lying to the nation that the government has sent 1500 letters to newly recruited health care providers to help boost man power during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the outbreak of the Corona virus, the PF government announced that it […]

Loot Master Where are the 258,000 dollars each ambulances ??

Chitalu Chilufya is a Corrupt Murderer.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya instigated the killing of two Anti Corruption officials who were handling his corruption cases. Both officials died in a short space of time and in strange circumstances. Chitalu systematically eliminated the forthright ACC officials in his quest to uproot the evidence linking him to the corruption acts and bury it […]

HH Donates Towards Officials Quarantine

United Party for National Development President Hakainde Hichilema pledged five animals per every ten days to feed staff who include police, medical personnel and persons quarantined during the period of COVID-19. The donation comes days after quarantined persons who included truck drivers in Livingstone, kasumbalesa and Kashiba border post in Mwense protested on TV that […]


Simon Chewe03 April 2020, Lusaka Zambia In their true sense of self entitlement the PF, through Sunday Chanda have launched yet another reckless insensitive, and totally appalling statement as regards the sanitizers that HH has mobilized through various well wishers, to help vulnerable Zambians. HH does not manufacture sanitizers. he only procures from those who […]

Zambia – COVID-19 Numbers are Under- Reported

Even for a decent cause such as reporting on COVID-19, PF led government has once again failed Zambians. The dangers surrounding COVID-19 are obvious but this clueless government does not seen to realise that. Therefore, failure to report on this dangerous disease adequately and correctly is dangerous and can prove to be catastrophic. The PF […]

Lungu Stop Wasting Time

Sikaile Sikaile writes, 25 March 2020 Mr Lungu don’t waste public resources looking for me please use the money to fight COVID-19 State house has summoned The Mast News paper demanding for my information regarding a statement that appeared in the Mast Newspaper on March18, 2020 titled Lungu is a chief thug who threatened Judges. […]

Lungu Refusing Lockdown due to his business interests , Zambia has more than 50 Cases so Far.

Bruce Nyirenda – 24.03.20 State security agencies have revealed that health professionals recommended a complete lock down of the country some 3 weeks ago, even before first cases of Coronavirus were reported in Zambia. And highly confidential reports indicate that Zambia has more than 50 cases of Coronavirus, though the official figure of those quarantined […]

Edgar Lungu is Actually Jonathan Mutaware

The issues surrounding Edgar Lungu and  his origins are becoming clearer by the day and it is becoming more apparent that he is a foreigner. He is not a Zambian. He just simply cannot be. Lungu is not a Zambian full stop. Lungu’s real name, as alluded to earlier is actually Jonathan Mutaware. This hard […]

SPAX Murdered 6 Members of one Family

We now have evidence through an impeccable source that the PF cadre SPAX called Spwho happens to be Kampyongo’s operative killed an entire family of 6 people in Chingola.  Therefore SPAX should not be charged of a murder case but 6 counts of murder charges must be slapped on him. All this in the name […]

Spax is linked to PF fat cats.

It is clear that SPAX occupies a very senior and respectable position in the PF Party. Spax is a proven criminal and his fellow criminals protect him. We have always wondered how a street boy like Bowman Lusambo can hold a ministerial position, how a corner street fake dollar money changer Stephen Kampyngo can be […]

Mwata Katongo should explain what Spax has done.

 James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President Esther should apply the same speed she moves with to address the nation on police matters.Spax Mulenga, a PF copperbelt hard core supporter and a best friend of President Lungu is in custody at Chelstone facing  charges speculated as related to the infamous gassing crimes.This PF youth mobiliser is […]

Lungu’s Complacency on Gassing Worrying.

The silence from the Head of State on the gassing inciences is certainly worrying. The correctly framed gassers, as criminals, was indeed a label befitting by government spokes person, Dora Siliya. Madam Siliya was correct to tone down from her earlier close to malicious sentiments, in which she vehemently labelled opposition parties, as being responsible […]

FNB Zambia Gaining Innefficiency – Sad Tab

The once towering and outshining bank among most Zambian based banks, the First National Bank (FNB) is slowly becoming inneffient in service provision in general. Several complaints from the First National Bank customers have been reaching our investigatory journalists regarding the drooping service provision levels within FNB. FNB Zambia, has been a shining example of […]

Under Orders not to Take Gassers to Court-ZP

By George Lemba Police sources have disclosed that they are under strict orders not to take any of those caught gassing people to court for trials. And Police say the current happenings have nothing to do with the opposition but the ruling party (PF). “We have arrested several of them and people have been so […]

There is a sinister political motive behind gassing to eliminate certain political figures – George Zulu 

By Patson Chilemba Ruling PF member George Zulu says he suspects there is a sinister political motive behind the gassing incidences to frame some opposition leaders in order to eliminate them from the political field. Speaking with Daily Revelation, Ambassador Zulu, who served as permanent secretary in several ministries and also recently Ambassador to Australia, […]

Gassing of people is President Lungu’s scheme.

By Mutale Mulenga- award winning investigative Journalist. As an investigative journalist of more 20 years, I have for the past 3 weeks being trailing this case and interviewing several people including IG Kakoma Kanganja and Minister  Lusambo and Minister Kapyongo. In my  interviews with the 3 and a few cadres including Kennedy Kamba, it has […]

As PF Defence Minister, GBM Was Behind The Invention Of ‘Tonga Under Oath’ Guerilla Movement Lie, To Implicate HH

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba remains the most dangerous person in Zambia right now and if there’s no strong voice that will stop him in his tracks in his criminal pronouncements, this nation maybe headed to a disastrous civil war.  With yesterday’s announcement that he knew who the criminals that were behind the gassing of communities around […]

Why HH Won’t be a Stupid President

Sikaile C Sikaile writes From a simple villager in Bweengwa who saw the tough times of heading cattle, here comes a man with perseverance in pushing for the best. Many used to call him an Under-Five politician but the man’s consistency in what he believes in has proved his principles. He is a stead-fast leader […]

Gassing, a stage Managed PF Scum

Gassing perpetrators in brand new Toyota Hiluxes Residents in Mutendere stayed up all night in fear as rumours went around that people were being gassed. Witnesses say the perpetrators drove around in three brand new Toyota Hiluxes without number plates. The residents also say the vehicles drove past police without being stopped. Information received so […]

PF Loses Credibility in Chilubi

The PF has used Zambia Police to hound out all political parties from Chilubi constituency so that the Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu can campaign alone. Where is democracy here? Who are the PF competing with in Chilubi? The program shared shows that only Lungu campaigns in Chilubi. This is a clear indication of […]

PF Tribalism, a covenant of deep wichcraft.

As the PF intensifies its hate speech against fellow citizens, let Zambians remember that in 1991 and 1996 Southern Province was the only region that gave late President Fredrick Chiluba, a Bemba speaking President a 100% parliamentary vote. Not even Luapula his own region did that for their own son, and indeed no other region […]

Who are the Greatest Tribalists?

Brebner Changala Writes Chanda Nyela must be arrested for his tribal utterances criminal abuse against the Tonga people of Southern Province,just like Chishimba Kambwili was arrested for verbally abusing an Indian National. On Chishimba Kambwili the police never wasted time to effect an arrest. What’s good for the geese is good for the gander. Tonga […]

Malawian Judges Stand Tall

A momentous decision by the Malawian judges clearly shows us that they stand head and shoulders above most in Africa in the delivery of justice. This is a great achievement and it is hoped that better Elections Management will prevail in Malawi going forward. This is in sharp contrast to the Zambian shameful presidential election […]

ZED-Where are the Scientists and Mathematicians?

Zambia has enough qualified medical experts who include professors, PhD and Masters degree holders, medical doctors, chemists, biologists, Agriculturalists and even mathematicians etc. Why are they all silent when a known failure of General medical Practitioner Chitalu Chilufya is fluffing around with the this dangerous viral disease he cannot comprehend and whose pattern and statistics […]

PF’s Shameless enthusiasm in branding Corona virus: Perhaps they are one and the same…

Even in the most advanced nations with advanced existing infrastructure and monitoring capabilities, their governments are terrified of COVID-19 and everyone has put their differences aside and are fighting it tooth and nail to save lives. To the contrary, in Zambia the ruling party has seized the opportunity to promote it’s image in tandem with […]

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