LusakaThe so called Lusaka Mayor, poor Miles Sampa is but proving  a total disaster and failure on all the promisory notes from his campaign trail. Miles took a template off the PF DNA lying manadate. PF came to power on a card full of  lies and then  in 2015, 2016 consolidated their stay in power through thefts of public resurce and loads and heaps of corruption literally buying off voters for their security’s sake.

But the once economist at FBZ, Miles Sampa,  has no clue on how to remain professional amidst the PF rot he got himself into or  let alone manage both his time or his area of jurisdication as Mayor of Lusaka. Miles Sampa does not even know the borders of his mayoral atrea of control. Miles is ignorant of this article. He is like a poor lost soul trying to catch everything with everyone in every place and trying the figure out the land under his control. Recently he erected a billboard in Chisamba district convinced it was in Lusaka. This is sad path for Sampa.

Miles sampa is not only ignorant on many issues, but its becoming clearer that Zambia would have made the graviest error had he sneaked in as President of Zambia. God saved us. He would have been busy erecting billboards of himself across the zambian border lines. He would have been the most embarrasing thing that could have ever happened to mother Zambia.

This is a man who behaved like a tom boy playing with real guns and brandishing them as though that was cool. But alas it revealed the moral fibre of this uselesss chap.

The Lusaka Mayor’s behaviou is a similitude of how the entire state is run. Its a shumble a shame and full of mumbles without realistic measurable tasks. The PF government has been the worst thing ever for Zambia.

Be a better informed Zambian


One Comment on “M. SAMPA – A LOST SOUL”

  1. ZambianWatchdog
    December 5, 2018 at 2:32 pm #

    Oh this Miles what a worst of the waste

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