Can PF rise in 2017 after failures in the past 5 years?



As the year starts in earnest, Zambia remains under a sham of a government, literally backtracking on almost all promising avenues once seen as potential avenues of growth. The confidence that most citizens  had has been eroded.

Edgar Chagwa Lungu has proved that he has no capacity to run a nation. He has literally back tracked on all avenues of potential lanes of development. His own words, “that he had no vision” have been vindicated.

Lungu has employed a talk-show minister of finance one Felix Mutati. Mutati is as sure a liar as the sun daily rises from the easterly skies. Mutati lies anyhow, everywhere, to anyone and anytime on the surface of the globe. Mutati hopes to turn the Zambian economy by talking rhetorically without shame and without remorse.

The economic solutions required to change Zambia cannot be attained by rhetoric talk. They require realistic logical thinking that leads to realistic targets with achievable goals and not these simplistic ad myopic PF  government pronouncements.

The economic situation cannot improve when basic inputs like the cost of energy including electricity and fuel are hiked beyond the economic reach for many citizens. Lungu promised Zambians cheaper fuel. That lie of a promise needs no explanations as Lungu allowed the fuel price to go up by 32% literally when he was one month in office. Lungu promised K5 fuel pump price per liter from K9.66, instead petrol went up to K13.7 per liter and now is at k12.50. What mockery is this and how many lies do Zambians need in order for them to know that Lungu is a liar. What Lungu and his boot-licking minions need to understand is that the economy will not improve for as long as industry cannot absorb the cost of doing business and the consumer cannot have spending money.

The PF government is much less likely to alleviate poverty and more likely to make the already deplorable situation worse. The arrogantly persistent desire to hinge everything on infrastructure development as a panacea for solving every problem this country has is a falacy and a sham. It has become very clear that the PF minions are nothing more than just looters of public funds and always looking for loopholes and opportunities to siphon money, especially through infrastructure development. The evidence is there for all to see. It is clear by their lavish living, the PF minions have looted loads and heaps of taxpayer funds from Government coffers..

With thieves like Amos Chanda, Kampyongo, Kaiser Zulu, Talk Show Mutati, Looter Dora Siliya, Jean Kapata who now even goes gambling and several looting PS’s and top government officials, Zambia shall remain financially under siege and misled until a genuine and serious leadership takes over the reigns. The PF government is less likely to turn around the Zambian economy than any other government that has ever presided over the affairs of this country.

The trial and error policy on the run form of PF Government seen so far cannot help; seriously appointing street vendors like Kampyongo as ministers is not only a disaster; but puts into question the thinking of the appointing authority. The promised and  failed 500’000 jobs are a mockery for youths; the failed k5 per liter project a joke; skyrocketing riches from nothing to $22 million by ‘Edward’ Lungu in 18 months, a sure sign of serious looting of GRZ resources from the people of Zambia. In short, judge for yourself, all we can say is Lungu does not mean well for Zambia.

2 Comments on “Can PF rise in 2017 after failures in the past 5 years?”

  1. McKenzie Double
    January 7, 2017 at 12:02 am #

    Firstly I would like to welcome the long missed zambianwatch dog back to the system again. We are suffering today just because of the few idiots like Chulu, P.Isaacs and those who voted for this so called President. But with all this thy shall not worry God is on our side he never gives us his back one day he will answer.


  2. Chiwale
    January 9, 2017 at 7:59 am #

    Indeed these idiots had crushed out the ZWD. Closed the post and only favored news that promote useless Edward


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