Where is Tom Silwiindi Mr PIG?

A common Zambian citizen was abducted at gun point from Choma District on Sunday the 28th of February 2021 on his way to his small farm holding as most Zambians do on weekends. This incident took place between 11 and 12 hours.

Now we the Citizens ask the these questions.
Where is Silwiindi?
Where did the police and Kanganja take him? What crime did Silwiindi commit befitting such an abduction in front of his family? 
Where is this noble citizen being kept by the rogue and lawless Lungu Police?

The Zambia Police and Kanganja on 23rd  December 2020 gunned down a State Prosecutor Nsama near his office and one other citizen Kaunda in cold blood. Some stupid report was released and some poor junior officer has now been seemingly arrested. No real case has commenced against the state or its representative who issued the instruction to shoot to kill.

Now Silwiindi has been whisked away from him family and home without a charge without a case and literally in mafia style

Today it is Silwiindi, yesterday it was Nsama and Kaunda, before that many others like Grazia Matapa, Mark Choonga, Mwendamei, Lawrence Banda, Mbanga, Mapenzi Chibulo, Vespers Shimuzhila, Mukonka Malesu etc. Tomorrow it maybe you. This will happen for no valid reason but for the fact that they do like your tribe and or your lifestyle or even your political persuasion.

The ZP have continued to take innocent lives with impunity and without reason and recourse. This is total bu*l sh*t.

Things are now reminiscent of Idi Amin’s Uganda in a bygone era of the 1970’s.

Meanwhile loads and trunks and heaps and piles of Zambian Kwacha in brick form are being paraded by PF cadres and no one is being held accountable let alone been arrested. The ACC and other so called law enforcement agencies are all inept or have plain gone to sleep.

Zambia is certainly gone to the dogs or indeed the dogs have come to Zambia to rule.

This mess must be stopped. Zambians deserve better.

Soon demonstrations  shall be Organised to demand for the reasons why Silwiindi was abducted like a criminal and where the Police are keeping him. We demand that he be produced forthwith.

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