Dictators Attract – Erdogan to Lungu !!

RECEP-dictator-Recep-Tayyip-Erdogan2Dictator Edward Chagwa Lungu has hosted his fellow good for nothing dictator and self-made president of Turkey Recep Erdogan into our beautiful country to get more illicit monies. These Turks are the same crooks that sold power to Zambia from some ships in the indian ocean at a ridiculous price per unit leaving ZESCO Limited in a serious debilitating debt.

As has been proven in history, Dictators and Authoritarians attract each other. The self-made president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a mere Authoritarian who has failed to attract his fellow Europeans to rally behind him. This is the man who has democratised dictatorship just like Jonathan Mutaware (ECL) has done in Zambia. Erdogan is here to add more misery to the people Zambia in the truest sense. Just like ousted old Uncle Bob, who presided over Zimbabwe for almost 40 years, he too visited Zambia and Dictator Chagwa Lungu welcomed him and ludicrously Jonathan reciprocated the visit to Zimbabwe.

Lungu5The fresh airs flowing in Zimbabwe today are an indication of better things to come for that country. Zambia remains hostage from the PF lunatics who know nothing other than looting and robbing the poor on a daily basis while enriching themselves. Zambia is being ruled by a cluster of thieves and heartless lot ravaging the national treasury. The millions of Zambians are suffering with high prices of basic food commodities such as mealie-meal, cooking oil, sugar salt etc. It is therefore, alarming that at such a critical time, Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu invited another dictator into our land, not to benefit Zambians but to further strain the already bleeding economy.

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu takes comfort to further worsen the already ailing economy by increasing the country’s debt further. Authoritarian Erdogan is most likely baiting more monies for the PF led government to borrow without accountability.

Dictator Edgar Lungu has had no reasonable borrowings since he got into office in 2015. All he has done is get Zambia into serious debt with massive thefts through bloody procurement of goods and services for selfish gains. The Fire Engines at a ridiculous cost of US$ One Million each, the ambulances at US$258,000 each, the intended Ndola – Lusaka road at a colossal cost of US$ 1.2 Billion and in addition the numerous Avic Contracts dotted all over the country from which huge sums of monies are being siphoned.

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu with his key thieving ministers in the likes Stephen Kampyongo (money changer by profession), Chitalu Chilufya (medical chief thief), Christopher Yaluma, Jean. Kapata (Zambia Enrolled Nurse), Bowman Lusambo (street cadre), Chitotela (hell knows what he is) to mention but a few has continued to ruin mother Zambia with impunity and without care for the millions of struggling citizens.


Cry mother Zambia

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