When leadership goes to the dogs, the case of Dickson Chasaya.

When a Country goes to the Dogs or the Dogs go to a country; The case of Dickson Chasaya.

Dickson Chasaya the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission has taken a World Tour plundering tax payers money addressing Zambian civil servants in diplomatic missions across the globe. We say plundering because the message he is taking round can be communicated through a Cabinet Circular.

For example one Bwalya Phiri from Ministry of Education is cited to have stolen K3.5million. How long is it going to take to recover? Is this not going to be the Cheapest way of obtaining an interest free loan by Civil servants? Yes all one needs is dip the finger in governnment coffers and let government start deducting.

Why even borrow from financial institutions when there is free government money interest free courtesy of Chasaya. Where is leadership in this country? For heaven’s sake. Where there no seasoned retired civil servants to be appointed in that position than getting an Ape whose only contribution is being a male Alangizi presenting a Bemba radio one gossip programme called Kabusha. Anyway it depics the calibre of the appointing authority.

This is really Dununa Reverse.

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