Finally the Chief Thief in MoH is off the Table – Chitalu Chilufya

The Chief Thieving minister and dishonourable Chitalu Chilufya is finally off the thieving platform. Now we wait to see the custodians of the laws of Zambia on how they shall deal with this thief.

Zambia has lost huge sums of money through the Ministry of Health. Chitalu Chilufya has been seen popping out chunks and bundles of monies and throwing at Cadres at every slightest opportunity. Everyone knows this chap is a thief from when he was a junior doctor. He siphoned huge sums of money from unsuspecting patients.

It has taken Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu almost 4 years to make make one correct move among the cadre infected executive. Chimpyongo recently killed citizens in cold blood using the Zambia Police. The report to simply state whether the Zambia Police hired a special forces man in uniform or a well trained police sniper officer pulled the trigger to take innocent lives remain un disclosed officially.

Chitalu has been buying cattle at ludicrous prices in southern province. He is purchasing a head of cattle for as high as K20,000 each. This is a true character of a thief. He has bought so many lodges in Zambia since 2016. This thief must be punished for the sake of Zambians. Relieving him of his ministerial post should just be the start.

Zambians deserve better. Such criminals worsening the Zambian people’s standard of life must be jailed. This is our view. The surrogate thieves at PS and Director levels must also be flashed out from the Ministry of Health. The chaps there, have amassed so much wealth while exploiting the procurement processes.

As Dr Nevers Mumba states, Zambia shall be saved. Hope and Help are on the way. August 2021, the Zambians shall boot out these criminals from the corridors of power.

2 Comments on “Eastern Province Chiefs Refuse to ban UPND.”

  1. Maambo
    June 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    It s unfortunate that the people who call others tribalist, are hypocrites. They themselves are real tribalist.

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  2. OneNation
    June 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Unlike Chiefs from other regions, the Eastern Chiefs have responded to this nonsense in very clear terms. One would have hoped other Chiefs would have also reprimanded their subjects when they spewed nonsense and all the mess we are in now would have been avoided. But do not add your stuff ba Watchdog – did Senior Chief Nzamane refer to the President in his reprimand of Edwin Sakala?

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