Martha Mushipe under siege


Martha Mushipe

The power house counsel for the UPND has been targeted by a unit of persons yet to be revealed. Over flimsy issues like they did to the post News Paper, Martha Mushipe’s law firm is under attack.

Her computers were siezed by persons claiming she owes them money.

Sadly Dr. Canisius banda, true to his malicious and treacherous ways took advantage and wanted to entice Ms. Mushipe with dirty PF money. He tried to convert her to slow down by offering her money. The actual result of this encounter is yet to be known and will also be reveled.

But what is clear is that today the once financially struggling Dr. Banda now rolls in the luxury of expensive cars and flashes a bit of cash around. The pilgrim is well and truly on the looting bandwagon.

Well, pilgrim, what appears to be heaven may yet prove to be a poison chalices so be careful the way you carry and conduct yourself.

We cant help but recall the fact that this is a man who  could not even manage to pay his rentals less than four months ago and today he rolls on wheels of luxury. This is not surprising as Banda is surely following in his elder brother Edward’s footsteps. He could not manage to fund his nomination in December 2014 with K20,000 and today barely  24 months later boasts of being worth $22 Million. Yeah right!

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