Kambwili is a divisive coward..

Finally as his star seems to have  started to wane and his clout in the PF drastically reduces, once all loud, self proclaimed tribalist and insensitive former Minister Chishimba Kambwili seems to have been tamed by his own ghosts.

CK was seen as an untouchable figure in the PF leadership. He carried himself as an all knowing, all powerful and frantically opposed to all who fought PF with a scorn, and as disrespectfully as he could manage. CK was always verbally armed to the teeth to fight the opposition. Today Kambwili has proved to be nothing but just a crook who looted large sums of taxpayer’s money and seems to have acquired ill gotten wealth from the government he was a minister in.

Kambwili must explain his wealth accrued just in the last five years. Kambwili must explain how he managed to build 40 mansions worth over 40 million when his businesses cannot support that kind of rapid growth.

Kambwili stood tall all the time for PF  not because he wanted to defend the poor Zambians but because he wanted to safe guard his stolen wealth from government coffers  over a short period of time. He was in government to enhance his wealth and loot as much as he could in the shortest time possible..

Kambwili fought the opposition with neither respect nor any form of regard. He stood as the king maker in the PF. He drove and controlled the warm wheels of the PF Regime. But Kambwili misread ECL. Lungu in his self devised selfish style dumped Chishimba without hesitation.

It is now obvious why Lungu took the step to get rid of  Chishimba. He  was becoming an expensive liability as a PF senior officer and minister and he was costly to the PF as a party on major two fronts:

1-His continued mouth diarrhea almost planted the seed of hatred between Tongas and Bembas. This injury is still simmering and shall require a more skillful person than Chakolwa Lungu to manage it. Each time Kambwili opened his mouth inflammatory and derogatory sentiments poured out. Perhaps his Honorary Doctorate was in insults.

2– Kambwili  was also sowing division among PF members and he also led a group of staunch PF members who didn’t like RB’s  integration into the PF . RB was seen as a clear factor and influence in the party through the anointment of ‘outsiders ‘ the likes of Dora and Mutati. Kambwili got to work in his usual style as a master of division.

When all is said, the bottom line is that Kambwili is a self centered, soon to be, former PF member who did not add positive energy to the political platform in Zambia. Lungu of course used his lack of  common sense to see that the toxic venom he vomited on a daily basis would get him undone  to his own benefit. He exploited the poor dull and Myopic doctor’s lack of a clinical and smart mind only to later show him the door. Kambwili was costly as a minister to our beloved country Zambia.

2 Comments on “Eastern Province Chiefs Refuse to ban UPND.”

  1. Maambo
    June 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    It s unfortunate that the people who call others tribalist, are hypocrites. They themselves are real tribalist.

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  2. OneNation
    June 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Unlike Chiefs from other regions, the Eastern Chiefs have responded to this nonsense in very clear terms. One would have hoped other Chiefs would have also reprimanded their subjects when they spewed nonsense and all the mess we are in now would have been avoided. But do not add your stuff ba Watchdog – did Senior Chief Nzamane refer to the President in his reprimand of Edwin Sakala?

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