Further Thefts by Lungu Led Government

Higher Level Looting in Lungu’s Govt.

MINISTER-OF-FINANCE-MARGARET-MWANAKATWE-The custodians of the Zambian national treasury, Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu (Jonathan Mutaware) and Finance Minister Margate Mwanakatwe (MP), whose seat was nullified, have staged the next level of looting and thieving from the Zambian national treasury.

With a total loss of confidence from the would be lenders for more loans, due to both failure to account for the already colossal sums of funds borrowed and the discredited and disgraced page by the Financial Intelligence Report, the Zambian Government is barely coping to meet its routine financial obligations. There is no more loose money for the Mutaware led Government to further inflame the financial abuse.

It has recently been established that the Road Toll Funds Account, which by default is supposed to be managed by the National Roads Funds Agency (NFRA), is actually situate at Statehouse

Lungu7itself.  This is certainly an anomaly. This absurd and embarrassing situation  should surely awaken the minds of those privileged to lead the poor to stop the continued looting of the national treasury. But under Edward Jonathan Mutaware, the pro poor talk is just another scheme to further deceive the Zambian population of the fake humbleness.

Mwanakatwe with her league have now enhanced their schemes to a different level to loot the national treasury. They are literally tampering the financial systems throughout government institutions to ensure that they access the funds un audited freely. Newly commissioned  systems are being tampered with impunity for this purpose. The Zambia Revenue Authority system, one of the best systems available, all of a sudden is now being disturbed, the RATSA system, now just does not work, the government financial payments systems are being deliberately disturbed.

Through these deliberate steps of tampering with the financial systems, Jonathan Mutaware and his minions headed by once star of Africa in the financial world, Maggie Mwanakatwe are busy looting from the national treasury making Zambians poorer than ever before.  This sad state of affairs needs to be stopped. More precise details shall be revealed in the very near future.

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