Please stop with this battered wife/woman syndrome and just accept that the man is incompetent.

Moses Kuwema Writes:
The man has a laissez faire attitude towards leadership. They say leadership comes from God, awe I think for this one, God was on tea break then his handlers sneaked him into plot one. 
It’s like being President is just a side job for him as he is fully committed at his full time job where he spends most of his time.
He came back to his side gig to reopen barbershops and salons that were never closed in the first place because in the parallel universe where he has a full time job, he thought they were closed.
Very disturbing for a 63 year old graduate from the highest learning institution in the country, UNZA’s law school. That is if the man really graduated as a lawyer.
As a lawyer, he is expected to be particular about details and not act like a robot that just reads what is put in front of him. We have seen leaders before, doing away with their written speech if what was contained in it didn’t make much sense and would ad-lib.
He is the one that thought it wise to give misguided guidance on church gatherings and then we should put the blame on his advisors? No! Unless of course, you’re telling us he is not in charge of his faculties then we shall join you in blaming his advisors.
Though his advisers are now falling all over themselves, scrambling to explain his misguided speech, for now the blame lies squarely on him. The man is just plain incompetent, please leave the poor advisors out of it.
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