The Killing Machines are Zambia Police!

They killed a school going child in Feb 2020. Most recently they gunned down two unarmed citizens namely Messrs. Nsama and Kaunda. In the feature picture an orphan made instant at that gunshot for Kaunda’s child.

The Zambia Police under Kampyongo and Kanganja have gunned down more innocent citizens than any other combination of Inspector General of Police and Minister of Home affairs in the last 6 years. They are getting used to killing citizens…

Whose Hands are Stained with Vespers’ Blood?


On 4th October 2018 at 22:50 hrs, a riot broke out at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road Campus. It ended the next morning, 5th October 2018 at 05:00. The riot was a reaction to ‘apparently’ delayed student allowances which the institution, together with the government claim was not actually delayed. The Zambia Police in all their excited, angry and underpaid glory were called in to assist in controlling the situation.

A few minutes later, a young, vibrant, and beautiful 4th-year student by the name of Vespers Shimuzhila, with only a breath away from her graduation died in her room as a result of suffocation from a teargas canister that was thrown into her room by the very professional men in uniform hired by the state and paid with taxpayers money to ‘control’ the situation.


The late Vespers Shimuzhila, 4th-year student – Unza, School of Education

They killed Vespers Shimuzhyila and they also gunned down Mapenzi Chibulo with her back to the police – a mere execution without mercy.

The ZP have turned into criminals gunning down citizens in cold blood under Kampyongo. These citizens are all unarmed. This is the worst human rights violation ZP has embarked on. The Kanganja and Kampyongo must be surrendered to the Hague for literally committing murder with abused authority abused.

Sadly and at the helm of all this, the head of state is stiff cold hearted and sharing crocodile tears in private.

It’s time up for this rotten regime, the PF regime led by Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed the Zambians lamentably. They have failed in all fronts of issues to do with basic livelihood and have now resorted to killing citizens. Kanganja and Kampyongo please resign

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